No one wants violence. No one wants to die while having tea. No one wants to listen his or her daughter's fearful screaming over phone and feeling helpless. No one wants to confess the untold love by texting while death is near. No one wants to hug his or her family while the bullets' sounds slowly approaching fast. No one wants to see his friend shot dead and hides behind the doors to survive. No one wants to experience death nextdoor. No one wants to die for no reason. No one wants to break the promise of coming home with flowers. No one wants to cry by closing his or her mouth that death may approach anytime. No one wants to be brave when he or she is surrounded with dead bodies and blood. One one wants to let his girlfriend get bullets on chest when you took her to dinner in Taj.

Yet it happened. Wherever we were, we felt insecure, ashamed, helpless and depressed. We prayed for the unknown. We sat infront of the TV to know the situation. We prayed for the silent weeping of those got stuck. We were small or big or strong or weak or rich or poor or middle class or students or illiterate or government servants or common public or in uniform but all we experienced the same anger, fear and sadness.

It's just handful of men scattered everything we built. Just teens with their guns killed the people who belong to the country which has countless difference yet stands together, diversity in unity and unity in diversity. Economically, philosophically or politically or geographically, we are not connected naturally though we find ways to get connected and stand beside each other to shoulder to shoulder to vote.

It's not just a tragedy. Catastrophe.

Beautiful moments, colourful celebrations, lovely family gatherings, profitable business meeting and fun-filled parties were disturbed by bullets. Without knowing the reasons people died.

Everyone's blood quivered to take revenge. Just wanted to enter inside and punching them to death. Yet we felt helpless. From home we prayed for them to return home.

But the ones who got someone inside needed to go through terrible pain than death. When the whole nation needed Angels from sky, few families knew, it would be their day to send off their men even if they didn't inform where they were heading to. They knew it was their turn to be strong as their son or husband or father or brother was in the mission.

When those men in black appeared, there was hope in darkness. There was a breathing sound with relief. There was a subtle depending feeling that everything would be fine soon. As we expected somebody to make us feel safe.

They came. Not from the Sky but from the capital of India. There were so much criticisms and theories on their arrival and action.

But we know, when we watched TV, how it felt like seeing them there. The sense was unexplainable. The tears turned into confidence. Yes, We lost our men who didn't allow even a single civilian life was taken away after they entered the scenes. They neutralised, they fought, they shot, they killed, they crawled, they even sacrificed but all we felt that day was finally we would get rescued. Bullets were inch close to them though they didn't scare. Yes! It was what they trained for. But they didn't get training to open the luxury rooms to check terrorists. Further for few men in black it was totally a new place as they hadn't been there to have food or tea. All they got was blue print and grit to rescue for what they were called for. when we came out from fear, there were few families still experienced the surface of it. They sent their angels for us. They expected them to hold on the lives they needed to protect. They knew that those men in uniform will break their promises with family not with the Nation. But there was smile on their faces too. Beacuse we were united to fight against the fear of terrorism that day. We earned our new courage that we could defeat unseen enemies too.

Wherever we were that day, we felt our heart beat as Indians and longed for Revenge and Justice. We lost someone or other whom may known or unknown to us. No one can deny that.

Dedicated to all Indians.

With that scar.


Salute to the men who jumped from sky to recuse without knowing where the enemy were. And ran the Op Black Tornado for days to eliminate them. Besides opened every door to get the lives alive by risking the chance of getting shot by the terrorists. Whatever kept them did what keeps us to have faith to believe in.

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