Maa, you are an intricate mystery.

You cry tears of an eternal laughter,

You embrace complications with elation,

Your eyes sparkle and glitter with that constant, infinite smile of yours.

For who could say,

You are an amalgamation of disguised struggles!

Maa, you are my superhero, my role model.

Proliferating troubles don't dwindle your smile,

Unnerving situations don’t maline your integrity,

Hardships don’t eliminate your endless morphological dreams,

For who could say,

You’d been broken before!

Maa, your altruism is a jewel of flawlessness

You look at the world with selfless eyes,

You strive to serve all with faith and devotion,

You gave up your life to foresee mine,

For who could say,

You aren’t an angel in disguise!

Maa, you are a mystical end to a magical fairytale.

The reflection of your radiance is epiphanic and  the veracity of your advice is unswerving,

But most of all, the aura you behold, is heartwarming.

For who could say,

Just after bringing joy into the monotonous world,

You’d fade into obscurity!

~ Saanvi Hissaria ( Instagram

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