A Whole New Idea of Love

|By Rhea Rourniyar|

While being at the age of sixteen,

I still kinda suck at the trick of being seen,

For many, it’s like a part of their routine,

While for me it’s only awkwardly amusing.

Maybe, because of the standards that web series had set,

Maybe, because for me, its not just about wines and dates,

Maybe, because what you gotta do for me, might get a little too much for you,

Maybe, because the version of love that I adore, is adored by very, very few,

Because yes, I don’t give a damn if you forget to surprise me on my birthday,

It’s fine if you don’t talk to me all night all day!

I would happily just hold your hand, ditching all the couple goals,

We would together, in love, ditch all those stereotypical gender roles.

Let’s rather cook, shop, wash, sing, work and dance,

Let’s not miss kissing each other for one single chance,

Let’s continue to flirt with each other all our lives,

And slip in pyjamas, ditching the long-ass rides,

And while we do this, I would remind you,

How I adore you a little more than very few,

How life feels like a cakewalk finally,

How I know I’m the feeling all of it also because you didn’t wake me up early!

So, this Sunday I would try making you your favourite caramel pudding,

Because what’s life anyway if not sharing desserts, sorrows, and feelings?

~Rhea Rourniya(Instagram:@rheeaa.__ )

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