All lives Matter

In this stage drama-hosted World, 

Characters come and go, 

Few leave footprints in the sands of time,

Some alter the peaceful lives, 

But good deeds, always outlive!

From those dark clouds, that downpour

the heavenly tears, that bring up, 

the life of a seed, to grow up into a, 

a sapling to experience the sunlight,

blossoming into a beautiful flower, 

Those deep cuts & scars, 

Everyone is going through something harsh!

It's neither about Black, White or Brown, 

No one is a threat,

Let's change our mindset!

When cut open, 

Everyone bleeds red, 

Why not stand for each other instead?! 

Let's play our role,

Read the script right, 

At the end, 

It's all God's glorious creation, 

That beauty and the blend, 

The sunlight and the moonlight,

That divine sight of beauty, 

When you look in the mirror!

 ~ Manaswi Anantharaju (Instagram: @random_fable )

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