All We Need Is Love

"Gone are the times to hold on to a raunchy side;

Forget the past hurdled by the oddest glide;

Long there it was a scream roaring from the most

distant shores;

That captivates the mind, allures the most intense and

soothes all divine souls;

We were all same, we were all together;

Bestowed alike but mightily varied with a benediction to gather;

There was freedom from loathing,

nor any contest of counterfeit flowing;

We are not yet aloof;

And can run beyond to amass our lost pride under that stern roof;

Wherefrom every corner holiness exudes,

As love is a selfish pursuit for prudes;

Where just fresh dew is adept to scour the futile misery;

Where we are free to choose peace claiming our liberty;

Whether hated or empathy, it's just a glove;

As all we need is love."

~Aastha Mahajan (Instagram: @unblemished_things )

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