Another Perspective of Rain..

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

Could you feel the rustle while droplets hit my windowpane ,

Curling into my couch with memories in chain.

It's dim here and bliss outside ,

All dance while melodies hide.

To petrichor my feelings are fealty ,

But why I'm made to count on these pearls and their cruelty !

For me they scratch more than they heal

Curtains aside ; always intruding to reveal.

I wish I could latch up when I seethe ,

But it catches a moment for me to breathe.

That fresh sprinkle and soulful chills ,

But tears twinkle as delight kills .

I'm better with sounds harsh ,

Scorching heat and moisture sparse.

Soft and cool are goring ,

Under the open sky ,

They leave me adoring ,

For what has gone ,

They say “ wait , it can be redrawn !

The way it was "

But fade away when approach the heavy jaws !

Again im a fool singing while in cage ,

Wanting to relive the leftover rampage !

And finally when I'm about to break these bars ,

It rains again scraping my scars !

@Suvaiba Zaheen

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