{By Saim Khan}

Apologies, to the closest me's.

My brothers and others,

Who are there for me,

Like the sun for the earth,

And roots for the trees, 

How they put me together,

Piece by piece.

But I don't say, what I feel,

Say I don't care and I don't heal,

I just smile back, to their laughing face,

The lying grin is what really kills.

The lying smile, the fake me,

That I push in the mirror, for them to see,

That they ask for, but I don't give,

For the hard life they don't want me to live.

Apologies for the lying times,

When I kept hurting and kept it inside,

Apologies for the sleepless nights,

When I could've called, but decided otherwise,

Apologies for the silent screams,

That I made sure never caressed your ear,

Apologies for the broken me,

Your side eyes that unnecessarily feared,

Apologies for the fake smiles,

For my stubborn fear, and your failed tries,

Apologies for staying numb,

When I knew you could help me,

To feel again,

Apologies for what all I've done,

For the pain that has made me,

What I've become.

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