Updated: Sep 25, 2020

Can't you see , souls are never set free ! A garden of skeletons fleshed with spree, Always craving for that forbidden tree , Now you should know where are we ! A long tunnel to chastiser's marquee . Everyone is last yet the first, Where Satan has thoroughly traversed, That round grave is about to burst. Here,the blood in veins has been disbursed, For the gold in glass to quench the thirst! Intangible labels will decide your weight, Either worth an estate or another filthy crate. (Privilege Says) “ Oh , such a show ; intended slander , This dusty soot always sticks to a high end boot " Just like It's rain over a mansion, And flood for a roofless artisan , The black over a gown is mark of class , But Such a skin is an awkward crass ! The common land wrapped into contrasting roads , Pale piles of skint govern the height of opulent's abode ! On the seats under the tables , Into the papers ; only heroes of fabricated fables. Stunted bones earned a full pocket, Next is mind ,will and opinion on the docket ! Shrieks and peals of eerie laughter , Gag chinking coins for immaterial hereafter .. All cry similar tears , When inhaling deadly fears . But Here skinny wins ! Already used to tight coffins , While they pass a heavy grin , The fat melts into a tasteless ruin . (Pauper Says) “ This is just to begin The life back to origin " - Suvaiba Zaheen

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