Between The Lines

Summertime at my grandma's

I remember a particular song

where two young lovers, dressed in pastel summerwear

Dancing upon hopeful forevers and a never-ending series of "I love you"s

My first lover,

A relationship bonded with desperation and toxicity,

Two teenagers trying their best to figure out what "love" really holds

A few heartbreaks later, we scribble each other's name on our list of mistakes,

Even promises of forever were limited

I ask the stranger beside my bed,

"What does 'I love you' actually mean?"

He smiles, "I believe that 'I love you's are silent promises for a little forever"

Shifting his gaze he speaks again after a while,

"And forever is us"

Four years later, I realize forever was really us

With smiling faces in a carnival photo booth,

A series of awkward dances in family weddings,

of quoting Chandler Bing in every conversation,

That each one of us carries a "forever" within

But only one craves for that little infinity with you.

~ Bidisha P. Kashyap

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