Bloody Dash .......

I am afraid of coming out He follows me. I wrap myself Though he finds me. I hate him But he makes feel him closely. My visage is enough for him My days are terrible with him. He has different strategies everyday Every second is hard with him. I do much to escape from his grip I do stunds to rush to home. I am his focal concentration He is my favorite irritation. I am his chore He is my worst core. He has his duty on me I can't walk freely. I tell my father He pronounces ' it's fine' I inform my brother He utters 'its common' I tell my mother She winks at me. Now I am crossing the threshold... Again he is ready to follow me... This Bloody Dash SUN follows me... EVen under Umbrella!! Hot summer effect! But little later! Dedicated to all the girls who use SPF 50 sunscreen to escap from sun rays.

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