{By Arnab Patra}

we are, breathless but why?

Some due to illness, some for the tears they cry

Tears that have drained the eyes dry

Breathless for how long we don't have a reply

Life was smooth and full of glee

Where did all happiness suddenly flee

Panic and gloom triggered by a virus unknown

Locked in homes the fear has only grown

Claimed we our power reduces mountains to rubble

To save dear life see how we are cornered into a bubble

Proud were we of our genius mind

To no other creature were we ever kind

Now breathless we are for the fear of death

Death which Nature ever wore as a wreath

Crumbled are all our ambitions high

Seeing such calamity what can do but sigh?

Man is locked but Nature is free

Vanity was mocked but sanity is free

World is shocked despite having huge artillery stock

It's a minuscule virus that is wreaking havoc

Duel it is between mankind and COVID

A war similar to one between Goliath and David

Society has come together to fight a battle unforeseen

Know we not whether this struggle we would lose or win

Governments across the globe are struggling

Terror and pain is what this COVID is smuggling

Poor farmers are ravished and hurt

Workers' earnings have reduced to dirt

Science was challenged and doctors were dared

Saving lives now they are for whom we hardly cared

Pray we to Lord that all get the bread

Strive we to save the world from this disease we dread

Nothing ever is bad if you hope and pray

Cause all dark clouds have silver linings they say

Problems are vincible and they won't stay

Cause when you have the will there's always a way

Families are bonding over cups of tea

Small dots of happiness abound in the sorrowful sea

Together we are and restored will be peace and serenity

For the end of a great struggle marks the beginning of eternity

Staying yards apart we stay together

Wearing masks we protect each other

Washing hands frequently is the way ahead

Change to green zones regions which are red

Fight we will for all the sufferings and tears shed

Because breathless though we are, humanity is yet not dead.

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