Childhood Tales

Introducing Naina as the name suggests”eyes”, it was told to her that she was born with mesmerizing eyes, also she was full of spirit, amazing child that pleased and took everyone with her cute looks and mischiefs.

All was going well she was spiritually strong too, she shared a special bonding with her God too , she always experienced a supernatural power that never left Alone in any instance of time , even when she was alone, she believed she wasn’t.

She had one elder sister (11 years older) though they didn’t share a special bond till then , because she was way too small than her, and was not in her senses till then. Her sister went to college in Delhi, India, when she was in 5th grade, so not so moments of sis-love with her.

As growing up with a feeling of a single child, it was a world of fantasy with Barbie’s to Oswald to ShinChan to PowerRangers SPD, doctor-doctor to kitchen games. A childhood worth spending. she grew up with her cousins.

Second cousins who are grandchildren of my grandfather’s brother, usually she went to their home to play. No partiality rather dictatorship.

She went to a nearby school with her cousin Rose and it all started, well not a love story but a clingy sense of betrayal between two sisters by an acquaintance of the Rose.

Yes, I know a bit complicated, but in Indian terms. Her first Rivalry started, she never thought that the one who is closest to her would become her first enemy. With whom she sang “yeh dosti hum todhege“

All started with a false statement of her friend(acquaintance) Adi to Rose that became a misunderstanding, by telling her a lie from her sister's side, whom she never talked to also.

Yes by a kindergarten kid or I should state Adi in a class of young age Aunt, who stated wrong rumor against Naina, who never said it.

She proclaims that she said something bad about the Rose family. That wicked brain can’t even realize that they were Naina family too, and a child of 6 years how can say something like that.

But Adi was far beyond her age, she had a wicked mind and dishonest soul to let people fight against each other, she enjoyed it, she was a psycho since childhood.

On the other hand, the two sisters never talked to each other since then.

Rose chose Adi over Naina and she was left alone in the school, she gave her looks, even she was innocent, that’s how her first-ever friendship torr apart and so-called” rivalry” started.

The family of Rose also believed the lie and went on to hate and compare every step of Naina from there.

~Ayushi George ( Instgram: @foodieayushi_enlightenbeliever )

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