Colourful Crime 

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

A crime with colourful consequences

Cunning plans of heart

Creative killing attitude of mind

Cruel cute torture of soul

Countless cause and class!

Cinematic experience with real pain

Cinderella tale with original character

Conclusion of practical practice

Concept of lust with clean care

Calm face which calls me!!

Calamity of incidents

Candid expression with pride

Culprit of my life

Careless fatal flaw

Cures me with scar!!

Caution comes with celebration

Censar of my nerve fails

Chain of reactions

Centre of gravity pulls

Cession cum chase becomes my way!!

Chapter is final! Chance is fatal

Chill it is...Cheesy too it is...

Conquer my doubts to

Control my move..

A Colourful Crime of him...proposing me!!

Compose my words to

Convict that criminal for falling for me...Yet

Creator of my love story he is!!



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