Trembling bones and shaking grounds

Chilling shrieks and horrific sounds

Tumbling shores and cracking mounds 

Ticking all day the hands doing the rounds 

Stuck away in a case far away 

The peace of mind in a gale sail away 

Once which shone like a hopeful ray 

Now refuses to arouse and stays at bay

The emotions of love washed with rain

All the efforts went sadly in vain 

The letters washed down the drain

And the resolve to continue the chain

Vivid were the memories 

Got to tell many stories 

But afraid to speak out 

For the fear of being isolated and thrown out 

So spent time filling pages of my diaries 

All my emotions went with those imaginary fairies 

Suddenly the imagery has become so dark 

Stands in contrast to creations do stark 

Frow singing sonnets like a lark 

To sobbing silently in the dark 

Have seen the grey of Depression 

Which is worse than the pain of operation 

Accentuated by woes of separation 

People say it's all in the imagination 

Reality is a thing lacking in this situation 

Fine seems the chap from outside 

Broken to the core he is from outside 

Asks he not for any sympathy 

Ought mankind to express a bit empathy 

But man has always failed to support 

Society demands each to build his own rapport

But all are not the same 

Few are weak and lame 

Supposed we were to tame 

Their fears and not them 

Speak now you of mental health 

An issue which has not been in stealth 

Speak you for but Three days now 

Such stunts attract much wow

Now you say if alone and sad talk to me 

Where were you when that soft voice asked you to set him free 

False revelations and fake concern 

Where was this when he expected you to discern 

The pain he was going through alone 

Sending shivers across every bone 

Loneliness and Depression are as real as us 

But in their era of hurry and rush 

Do we find time for our near ones?

Busy we are in our frolic and funs 

To understand the suffering of those daughters and sons 

Who were tired of living and the multiple runs 

They required just a shoulder to cry on 

A person to talk who would ask them to move on

Life is a gift not to be wasted 

Think once for her who for 9 months gestated 

Think once for him who gives you happiness never rested 

No matter what is the situation 

Under no circumstance is Suicide an option

It's not just a mere caption 

But a thought that needs to be drilled into the head

Know not I who ventured into this post to read

But if you did 

Please spread happiness around an watch for your deed 

A small action on your part can affect another's life to a great extent 

For life is not something which we get on rent 

Let's not cry on the soul that went 

But take steps to prevent 

That no other poor chap is alone and distressed 

No one feels oppressed and suppressed 

Let's do our bit to make this world better 

Let's be humans and not a mere trendsetter!

~Arnab Patra (Instagram: @arnabpatra38 )

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