Dear Neerja Bhanot

"Zindagi badi honi chahiye, lambi nahi", Babumoshai, you were a Rajesh Khanna fan, and you were a combination of Anand and Bawarchi, when you walked into a room, it's like it lit up.

I wish I could meet you, so you could teach me to be as fearless and selfless. I've gone through old pictures and ads, you're beautiful not only on the outside but inside too, I started relating to you when I heard your mother call you laddo, mine does too and stopped when I saw how brave and fearless you were, you were brave enough to save the lives of those children and most other passengers on board when you were not more than 22  yourself, I promise you, you didn't die in vain, you inspired a whole generation, the impact you make on people's lives is so deeply rooted with the kind words.

You also faced mental and physical abuse, tell me please how did you not grow bitter, you still moved on with a smile and those eyes, gleaming with joy. 

What happened was so unfair, and so cruel and it enrages me, but how did you remain calm with a gun pointed at your head, I wish you could teach us your ways.

I know a lot of people who've cried watching this movie, and I can almost hear you say, "Pushpa, I hate tears"

~ someone who looks up to you, and to the sky as you did

~ Sejal Budholiya( Instagram: @sejalbudholiya19 )

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