Draupadi and the reverence I had for her!

Mahabaratham is indeed one of the greatest epics of ancient India. It is the most sought after tales mainly due to its preachings about the significance of morality and ethical values. This epic tale still continues to impact people by showing them the way of life, beyond time. It has profuse scintillating characters where each character is strong, unique, has a soul purpose and set in their own ways throughout their lives. Among all these characters, the one character which stands out and created an immense impact in me is none other than the indomitable woman 'Draupadi '.

Draupadi is said to have emerged from the fire in the ritual conducted by the king of Panchal 'Duruvada'.No wonder she is the epitome of grace and divinity to the womanhood. She is eye candy, feisty, audacious yet compassionate which is such an irresistible combination. Right after her birth, she was neglected by her own father and brother and was sent out of her kingdom. Her father considered her birth as an ill fate and treated her as a trivial person.  These incidents made Draupadi devastated yet she held her love and respect always high for her father. She was the one who unhesitantly and without giving any second thoughts, guarded her father by confronting the lord Krishna at a dire situation. Such is the charm, selflessness and kindness of her which made her so dear to Lord Krishna. She is one the most modest and sensible characters of this tale.she made us fall head over heels for her persona and the aura she spreads around her. 

 She leaves us awestruck by effecting an unconventional, selfless decision when she was put through an abominable situation, where she had been asked to marry all the five Pandavas as a result of a testimony imposed by Kunti, unknowingly. She sacrificed her own identity and something which was considered to be the basic ethic of a woman for not wanting to ravage the lives of the rest of the Pandavas in spite of she being in love with the prince Arjuna. She did everything purely out of the love she had for Arjuna which no woman in earth would have ever dared to do.she was so selfless, naive and flawless.she kept her ego aside and entirely bore the brunt of marrying five men with such grace and vein. Every time she was laughed off by people questioning her morality, she remained poised and did not give others the power to judge or loathe her as she was aware of her self Worth all way! She carried herself with such dignity and elegance which any woman on earth would envy.she was the only versatile character who took the right decisions every time with her immense and pristine clarity of thoughts. 

The undeniable admiration for her comes from the way she handled the plot fabricated in order to defeat the Pandavas and her through gambling by the devious Kauravas. She tries her best by suggesting the Pandavas ignore the invitation to play gambling but all goes in vain, as they did not see eye to eye on this issue. Prior to the game, she gave a piece of her mind about the possessions of Yudhisthira and advised him to be mindful of what he places for a bet in the gambling game.she was so sensible that she kept on fighting for what was legitimate and insisted the Pandavas to not play the game anymore.

She gets completely broken when Yudhishtra loses all of the five Pandavas and also her in the game. She faces the adversity with such temerity by stating that no human ever belongs to anyone for that matter and also insists that she is not a possession to belong to anyone and that she cannot be made as a bait in the game .she stuns everyone with her defiance towards such flagrant events happening in the name of gambling.she fights gallantly when she was pulled forcefully to the court .she pleads before the so-called righteous people in the court to stand up for the virtue. But all her sufferings and pain fall into deaf ears as they continue to remain neutral and they refuse to stand up for her.

The greatest ever Bhishma, Dhronacharyarya, the minister and all the Pandavas resort to following their own virtues instead of standing up for Draupadi. This incident proves how self-centred they were all to Draupadi who sacrificed her whole life for their well being. Those ignorant and egoistic souls never realised that there is no greater virtue than protecting a woman from humiliation and abuse of any kind.

As Theodore Roosevelt rightly said 'justice consists not in being neutral between right and wrong but in finding out the right and upholding it, wherever found, against the wrong'

And she fights the humiliation with such rage and lividness to her best. At last, when she decides to rest her case on the almighty after having lost her trust on all such men whom she had high regards for, she leaves us teary-eyed. When Lord Krishna saves her dignity by protecting her with his divine force, we vicariously release from the pain she held on to. The moment she is saved, we too feel a sigh of relief as we get emotionally attached to the characters involuntarily!

But not to forget the flagrant crimes happening against women these days. We do not want men like the ones in the tale who remained neutral and failed to save her from humiliation and abuse in spite of having known for their gallant valour and virtues. The society needs men to be the saviour of women no matter what may come like the lord Krishna who protected Draupadi at a dire situation.

All I could wish for after reading this tale is nothing but presuming men to be like the lord Krishna and treat women with respect, love they deserve and to be their saviour at all times from nefarious people. And women must be vehement enough to make a life of her own ignoring the cliches around her and truly fight for themselves no matter what happens like the way Draupadi did.

She also amazes us with her magnanimity by forgiving the Kauravas for their act of low esteem towards her yet fighting for the justice of womankind in general and fighting the battle really hard to make justice prevail again which makes her truly a diva! Draupadi is certainly one of the finest and laudable characters of womankind to be looked upon, which is etched upon our hearts for years to come! Most importantly, the world needs more altruistic persons like her to make it more humane and a gleeful place to live! As every woman is a diva of one of her kind!

~Bhagyashree (Instagram: bhagyashree_Ir )

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