Dusk To Dawn

Are we born sinners? Or we sin post born? This keeps us intertwined Until our tiny minds are confused From dusk to dawn Are we born winners? Or are we controlled pawns? Who win for the supreme Until he finds it serene for a conquest From dusk to dawn Do we fear god? Or we believe in him strong? The truth is never supplied As lies are applied to conquer From dusk to dawn Does time age us? Or it's just an illusion born? We're a menace in this universe Defining our zenith for the judgement From dusk to dawn Do we live in the bright? Or we refuse the dark? The moon glows the night As the sun sparks our sight for us to steer From dusk to dawn We're merely in a glitch of this universe Finding a pedestal to climb upon We're born as the sunlight nourishes us And does the dark flourishes when we halt? From dusk to dawn? ~Shubham S Nagarkar

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