F.R.I.E.N.D.S in Real!

Watching  F.R.I.E.N.D.S makes it way easier to reciprocate the events happening in our lives. At least it helps to take our minds off our worries. 

I always wonder if I would be able to find the perfect five friends to have coffee with. 

 In the world full of Emily and Paulo we wish to find a Joey to our Chandler and a Rachel to our Monica. 

Every one of us has a few stupid creatures for whom we would do anything it takes and then there are the ones for whom we don't give a damn. Some of us have Julie or Mona both really nice but then we choose to opt for Rachel. 

Friendship is a ship that should never sink. It allows us to welcome Ross and Phoebe at the same time and with equal compassion. Who would have thought that an artist could make a genius change his views on a world-renowned fact? 

Many people come and go but only a few remain with us forever and those are the ones that you take to Central perk for a nice coffee.

~Anuja Thatte (Instagram: @anujathatte )

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