Feasible Fantasy

Feasible Fantasy !

Life is a moving cloud ,

Human , being a bubble of shroud .

Reality condensed into moments ,

Collision of guilt and atonements !

As the wind blows and sun hides ,

Life cries and soul guides .

Bottle breaks so vapour leaks ,

Heavens sigh and hell creaks .

Abode is blotched with hoax ,

Rainbow washed with white strokes!

Loud roars and lucid drools ,

Where lightning hits mighty rules .

Sky happens here all meet ,

Glistening hands into web of deceit !

Distant like raging horizon ,

Yet a tangible minor abrasion .

Ringing lights of misty dream ,

Churning cycle of mortals though supreme!

And then another breeze hails ,

Parallel foam but a different form sails !

Fragile as a bubble of shroud ,

Undying as a tale read aloud !

@Suvaiba Zaheen

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