Freedom Is Not Free

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

Easy. Maybe.

When the iron shield is around you. When titanium becomes your shield. When a hammer listens to you. When a stone gives you vision. When gamma rays evoke the big guy in you. When you own your own kingdom.

Easy. May be,

To take a bullet on the chest. To pay your own bucks for your own coffin.

But when you have a single life to live. When you have a family left behind. When you have a person to whom you promised to protect, is waiting for you. When the life you departed from needs you more. When you know, your absence will cost the happiness of the person left alone without you.


Death is not cruel but watching the one who stood beside you die is. "If I need to, if I have to, I will die with pride as I know I will reach home on the shoulders of my buddy, No man is left behind as we left our home behind. Somehow, anyhow, we will visit home", a soldier says.

The fear inside gives the courage to be brave enough. The bunkers are delicate enough, compared with the smile she shed while sending off. The warm hug of a mother is worth enough to wake up for duty. The glorious eyes of a father are surplus to walk into the mouth of the devil for my country.

Indeed! Yet .....

They never want to be back in a coffin. They never want to be injured. They never want to let their men die. They never want to fail. Though the demand for the field is important than their wish. They prepare for the impossible to handle the possible. They practically judge all the probabilities and possibilities to be the survivors. They logically calculate to avoid casualties. Though the enemy decides their plan and propagandas.

Not on the table, their plan is prepared on the way to the combat zone.

Pretty fascinating! Classic profession. A handful of bullets. Charming uniform. Massive vehicles. Though the price for this is beyond limits. Sometimes need to pay for others bill too.

Warrior in shining armor is a stable character from ancient times to the entertainment era. Yet the man behind the uniform is hardly visible to the eyes around.

The life they have lived. The love they have missed. The friendship they have cherished. The family they have protected. Everything is left behind. It's not getting counted. They are more than numbers and more than the flash news. Not always warriors as the nation knows, after the death of them, they are everything to someone who can't just remember him for only his sacrifices as he is more than that to the one.

Easy! Maybe! When there is more than a life to spare. When there is more than one always.....

Though the only choice they make is NATION FIRST

It is the most complicated brain process to understand 'Why they do this?' sometimes the reasons are not convincing and many times it does have an answer. All they can give you is a smile for this question. Heroes without names! Warriors without identity. The only symbol of them is 'Nation'

Freedom is not free then and now too!

The flag they fight for is the highest cost they deserve at the end.


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