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Updated: Apr 19, 2020

God was so happy. He came to know that a new temple is going to be inaugurated today. However, nobody told him anything when the construction had started because hardly anyone visits Him nowadays. He represented the remnants of the old life the village had and that was a long time ago. He was revered and worshiped daily. A priest would come and dress him up in brand new clothes that were generously gifted by the big shots of the village. They had so much money but were too selfish to give it to the poor people around them, instead, they used this money as an investment to appease Him and get more luck in return.

God appeared to be the most important person around that area. Every good produce from the village was offered to him and only after his approval were they distributed or sold to the mere mortals. God was so generous that he offered his place to be used as a shelter for the stray dogs during the rainy season. The temple offered them a warm and comfortable home. But they never thanked him or participated in the rituals. They were second to none but the God Himself, but He didn't mind because He had nothing to lose by giving them a square inch of the land to sleep for He was the owner of the entire temple and the ground in front of it.

However, things are different now. God has less than an inch of the land. He was hanging for his life with his broken crown touching the ground. He was at the mercy of the tree whose branch was holding him and that of the natural forces. Anytime the wind decides to withdraw his support, God will crash to his death. It was during this time that God overheard the conversation between two beggars who were discussing the prospects of staying in the newly constructed temple. They were dreaming about the tiles, fan and the smell of the imported incense sticks. Listening to this, God's hope was revived. He was so happy to know about his new home. Finally, everything is going to come back to normal. He knows that the consecration starts in an hour, so he gathered all his strength and decided to make a run for it. He has to be there soon so that he will be given a bath and dressed up in a new dress before everything starts. He didn't want to delay the process because he knows that the priests will be waiting for him eagerly. He remembered the friendly face of the priest who used to wipe his face with beautiful flowers.

But there was one problem, where is the new temple? How does it look like? He saw an old man coming towards him. He asked him how to reach the place of worship.

"Which place of worship", replied the old man

"Eh? What do you mean?", the God was puzzled

"Whom do you want to worship?", asked the old man

"God of course", said God in an obvious voice. Who would want to worship the devil, He thought to himself.

"I know that, which God do you want to pray to? There is one at the end of this street"

God thanked him and walked hastily towards the end of the street. There he found a beautifully constructed building. He was so happy to see his new house. As soon as he tried to enter the building, someone stopped him and told him that his temple is located far from here.

God was baffled, but he was happy at the same time to know that there is another God too. "Good", he thought to himself, "Now we can split the burden".

He kept on walking. Everything has changed here. The buildings were bigger than the temples he had. He hoped that his new temple will put them to shame. What was odd was the fact that nobody was paying attention to Him. Everyone was in a hurry. In fact, nobody even bothered to look at the world, instead, they all have a world of their own inside the small devices that were beaming light into their face, just like the Halo he used to have long back. But he was still sure that people didn't lose faith in him. All He had to do was to get inside the temple and then everyone will rush to see Him.

Finally, after walking for so long, He lost track of the time. He was very tired. It's not like the olden days where He was carried around everywhere with people fanning him from both his sides and offering him a piece of everything they had. He hasn't eaten for so long and now He has exhausted all His energy. He decided to rest for some time under a tree that had no leaves. He remembered the tree from His old times when people used to carry Him once a year around the village. They used to give him baths with water infused with the leaves of such trees. They were so relaxing and it always made Him happy. He wondered who would have used the leaves when He wasn't around. Little did He knew that the modern Gods of the earth were the very same human beings who used to serve Him. They have encroached upon everything on their way to establishing an empire that no God could have imagined. He felt small for the very first time in his existence. He pitied himself for letting Himself at the mercy of the humans. Slowly he dozed off.

The next morning he was awakened by the loud noises of the mills and factories around Him. He had forgotten about the consecration. God made a run for his new temple. He made the people wait for so long. Now, what would they think about Him? Will they abandon Him like the last time. No, he can't withstand another such phase in His life. He needs to go home. He needs to be seated in the place where He deserves to be.

Finally, He was able to see a brand new temple. The decorations were so beautiful, just like the old times. He could see children running and playing around. Men walking shirtless, and women praying. Finally, He was able to hear the prayers of the people again. He was trying to make a note of the requests of the people. But they were not different from what He had already heard. After all, humanity has not changed, its only the humans who have changed. God finally felt home and He was ready to take charge of His new house.

As soon as He entered the temple he was mesmerized by the striking architecture created by the humans. It was beyond his imagination. He wondered where they found the motivation to create something so graceful. He considered Himself to be lucky to have got such a place to stay, just like the humans thought when they were allowed entry into the temples during his 'reign'. He wanted to look at His new seat. The door to the Garba Griha was closed and when He tried to open the door, He was shocked to his core.

There was someone else in His place. Beautifully dressed, served with fruits and sweets there was another God sitting and blessing people. Nobody noticed Him. He was so sad, but He was also the only one who could hear the prayers. The new God was just waving at the people. It was the people who were trying to be at His line of sight and He didn't move an inch to look at them. Looking at this, the old God became angry. Why is He not making any effort to actually make the lives of the people better? He walked away from the temple trying to process what He just saw. He was not just abandoned but was also forgotten. He was the last remains of his own memory. What a shame!

He stumbled upon something. He stopped to take a look at it. A statue. It had a proud look on its face. Too proud to have been abandoned. However, looking at it brought something back to his memory. But it was vague. He could smell sweets and fruits again. People were trying to have a glance at Him. Yes, He was the one who replaced the statue long ago.

"They replace everything", He said to Himself

Now God wasn't sure of His new role in this place. He doesn't have anyone who would accept him in this state of despair. He somehow tried to come in terms with his new irrelevance to humanity. But one thing He was happy about was the fact that when He was their God, the people were at his mercy but now the new God is under their mercy.

People didn't want anything from Him. Humans have become the true masters of this earth, something He was guiding them to be and now they want to honor him and that's why they look after the temples. It's just because God is in everyone's mind that they have decided to erect such magnificent structures. After all, God came to understand that His duty has been fulfilled.

Now it's up to the humans to move forward under their own guiding light. All He has to do is sit back and relax and keep reminding them how far they have come and how capable they are. They are their own Gods and therefore they have to look after each other for Humanity is the strongest religion and it has the most number of followers.

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