He and His Lies 

Why you lied me....

You shouldn't have promised me.

My eyes are wet baba...

How can you be not reacting...

I can't control my tears.

Its like a dream..

I feel I should sleep..

To let these bad noise vanish..

Get up and wake me up!

I hate this bad dream..

You vowed to be with me always..

I easily misplace​ things ,

But don't let me miss you.

Say a word, I wish to tell you one thing..

You are the one

whom I depend the most in life.

How can you leave me alone?

Yes I am honoured to have you.

But, don't let me smile with pain..

This day asks me much.

I can't afford.

Upcoming days will push me alone.

Every one will walk to their home.

Where should I go?

Get up my hero! One more tomorrow..

Live with me..

Let tomorrow come again and again!

Get up!! You lied to me that

You love me!

But you love the nation more than me.....

Dedicated to the strongest ladies who are standing behind the real heroes.

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