How Long Does Love Last?

One of the most beautiful things that nature has gifted us is a blend of those sweet chemicals known as hormones that gives rise to a blissful feeling which can't be contained in a single word yet we have termed it as 'love'. It is a fact that love is one of the crucial elements that ensures that this blue planet still breathes life as we know. We human beings have the innate ability to overlook things that work for us without us needing to persuade them to do so and even love is a fallen prey to this behavior of human beings. But it would be highly inaccurate to put the blame entirely on man for the above said. This situation arises because of the way things work around us. Love is a broad term consisting in itself a wide array of meanings, emotions and feelings that bring about different actions in accordance to the situations we are put into.

Nobody can contain the meaning of the emotions we go through in simple sentences when the term 'love' is mentioned. It can be the love you feel for your significant other, your mom, your dad, or your family, or for your job, your dream, and the list goes on. But hey, we are not here to talk about what you love, we are here to find out how long does our love for certain thing last for? 

Somewhere between the beginning and end of our journey, love gets lost. Mind my words here, it's just lost, that means we can still find it, but a vast majority of people never bother to do so. "Flow with the water", that's what they do. The concept of love itself is not understood by a major portion of humanity. Love is not just an emotion, it is a complicated process whose main aim is to balance. What does it balance? The answer is everything. Love is something that weaves itself around everything we do and everything that we experience. It keeps in check the stuffs...the stuffs we care about, the stuffs we seek comfort from, the stuffs which are beyond the scope of our control are balanced by this simple yet complex term 'love'.

Just like everything can be trained to behave the way the they are supposed to be, this amazing entity called love trains things that make our life perfect right from the moment we land in this world starting from the love showered up on us by our mother. Then, it just lets us to go alone to see if we can make it just like someone leaving you to ride your cycle on your own while teaching you. This analogy is not entirely correct because you never come back, you just move forward with your life ditching the most important thing that constituted your life so far. This is the moment where all the love is lost in your life yet you don't realize. You still behave 'normal' and carry on with your life. The friction between stuffs increase, but you don't realize until its too late. You will still survive just like an old banyan tree balanced with its prop roots, you can never find the real root, from where it all began, you will have to try harder to find that 'love' to bring everything back to normal. For my lasts forever, but the real question is 'How long can you have it with you?'

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