I Let Her Go! 

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

A petal of the flower withers with time. Day and night fall yet she hasn't opened her eyes. Everyday some one pays visit. She is silent which threatens. Her face shows extreme strong senses. But there is no movement in her. There is sound of neither mourning nor weeping. The atmospheare has heaviness with deep pain. Inside that four wall, every equipment smells medical except the rucksack and a pair of dirty trek shoes which are placed beside the bed.

Every soul has quiver. Every mind has passion. Every heart has reasons to beat. Her heart has A reason to pump blood.

Her promise to someone. Her words of being alive on the surface of earth. Time heals but it wont have the luxury of forgetting. She is stagnant now. The flow of her life enters the ICU where her throat wishes to shout louder than ever.

He stands near her and intertwines her finger to let her know that he is there with her. The hardness of her palm tells simple story with cute struggles. He smiles and says " I do believe in miracles..." He swallows his emotions "get up and defeat me". She is still motionless. His face seems to be a concrete floor with plain reaction.

He can feel her heart beat. He looks at the equipments which hold her life. It shakes his courage. He steps out with heap of hope and broken wish of waking her up. He sits on the chair in the corridor, everything is empty. He murmurs "I let her go" a droplet falls from his eyes and lands on his shoe. He remembers "invest on your shoe, after all it takes you to

heights right?" Her words echo around him.

Past pinches the present.

"I can't find any reason to marry you."She utters with rudeness in her tone.

"But I don't want reasons to be with you" he answers with a big smile on his face. She walks fast to avoid him. He matches up her pace and words. She looks at his eyes to warn him. But she gets locked up for a second before turning and moving ahead. The warm of his eyes scares her. She advises herself not to take the risk again. She is confused. Moreover she wants to find a reason why he loves her whereas he loves her with no reason as he believes trust and love do not need reasons that it is an instinct or may be a feel of mind and heart.

He knows she is his love. He decides to give her time and space to come up with a conclusion. He walks away to get her close.

..... To be continued

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