I'll Promise You Forever

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

Now that it's all been said, Hand in hand along the path we tread, When the eyes mutter what's on the tongue, When the skin grows old but the heart's still young. When life's just a matter of time, When the blood is lighter than the wind chime, When the legs give way to those long loving walks, When the breath can't afford those hearty talks. When your golden locks turn priceless grey, When we lose our past along the way, When the hugs are not as tight as now, When I do tricks and you ask how! When your wrinkles smile wider than you, When my voice is creaky but never more true, When our lives are untangling the final knots, But your abundance, still young in my thoughts. When the sun is setting in your shadow, Down and down the infinite meadow, And when the light gives way to the dark, But in your eyes I still see the spark. Then, At that very moment sweetheart, I'll promise you Forever.

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