I .... Never Be

I shouldn't have gone

To that place

By that time

In that dress

I should have

Fought firmly

Shouted badly

Avoided fully

Regretting to be justified

Became prey to the hunger of

off the belly

Nothing I lost yet

I stood in the focal to answer

Eyes are dry, done with shedding

If cloths are tempting

If my skin is attracting

What I peel off?

I have dreams to persuade

I have reasons to be alone

Finally you made me wrong to myself

God put me in womb not for hunger

I am not a pack of pleasure to open

I am a being with a soul

Not to be understood

But to be free with life, mine

Still I wonder how my biology

Allows my pain to be someone's pleasure

Blood is not meant to be

Only in nerves

As I was born as generation generator

Fear of loosing what,

If my life is in my flesh

If my wedlock is on my virginity

If my freedom is about my gender

If my physique is my boundary


Let me tell you

I am a girl without

What you want...

I ....

Never be a victim


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