In My Arms.

A dearth of breath

put aloft death to the eyes

  so dear to mine.

It took the last from those lips,

And fetched them unto

  The waning whispers of thine.

A whole of my life,

Whose breath I'd rhyme, now

  In my arms lay still and subtle.

Seasons of blooming,

That slipped away

  With the fall of a petal.

A split of worlds, you cleave

As you part your lips


You cling to time,

Pillowed upon my breast that beats,

  For the loss of a heart.

And all that the stars owed to you,

Rained upon, but for the handful,

  That I stole from the spilt.

For you might come looking one day,

And I would fly along my Love,

  For I'm waiting..still.

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