Jar of hearts

You and I, we buy a jar. A jar of hearts.

Together we deposit and withdraw them. As we please.

We pool in our own hearts from previous 'jars'.

Hearts, like candies, on Christmas which you share only with a few. But the only difference here is that we both have to share our candies.

You deposit a heart every time I make you laugh.

Make you feel adored.

Make you feel loved.

I deposit a heart when you laugh.

When you stroke your hair.

When you pull off that specific expression that I can go gaga over it.

You withdraw whenever I  lie.

Whenever I make you feel jealous.

Whenever I don't love.

Whenever I  don't apologize after a fight.

I withdraw from the jar every time you make me anxious.

Every time you make me feel indifferent to you.

Or simply when you've built walls around yourself. Walls of insecurities.

The relationship is doomed when one starts withdrawing other's share of hearts too.

And more often than not, when one 'jar' becomes fragile enough they replace the jar.

And one's lucky if they just replace it and don't break it.

~ Nishant (Instagram: @nishant_hemrajani15 )

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