I think about death

And I see how fragile they are - our life and our breath. 

I thank the sky above and the ground underneath;

I thank the winters for the cool and summers for the heat. 

And as I do today, pay my gratitude to

The flowers that bloom, and withdraw the gloom. 

The trees that grow and the winds that blow. 

Death reminds us that days do come, and days do go.

What accompanies them is always a chance, 

To not sit back and choose to dance. 

Go with the latter, 

On your death bed, that's all that's gonna matter. 

I don't ask you to not cry if your dreams get shattered, or broken, your heart. 

But after you let it all out, make sure you fix them again-piece by piece; part by part. 

Live big even if not long, 

Everyone you meet, make them feel that they belong. 

For when you become one with the soil or flow away with the river, 

People will remember you for your love, for being a giver. 

They will, on days, feel your presence in the rain; and reflection in the dew. 

And from time to time, there will be, but few-

Who'll sit by the bonfire and with every breath, 

Remind themselves to celebrate your life, 

And not mourn over your death.

~Arushi Gupta (Instagram: @verbal_words_fail )

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