Little Less Love

Life inside a life, no language in this world can explain the feel of a mother who listens the tiny voice from her womb. Every day she passes with eager to see that small face. A life is going to be out from herself. She is going to have a subtle surprise from life inside her arms. She starts loving even before knowing the gender or seeing the visage.

Mother is a miracle when we will cross so many tell us that she or he can take our responsibility, she silently does. She loved even when we were faceless. Her love is an enigma which seeks no reason or value to be shown. She, herself is a mystery. Her courage holds our life in our darkest days. Even the greatest person in history is an idiot son or daughter to her or his mother. Because we never act in front of our mother and there is no need to pretend with her. Even the worst failures can't defeat her presence in our life. No mistake is enough to convince her to move away from us. How far we are, her first word is about our food habit. The only one who always reminds us to have food properly. She can bear anything but not our wounds. Though she teaches to get up after every fall.

If someone tells, women are weak. Ask to have a look of his or her mother. Every mother wishes good fortune to their children. But some need to support their children even they love little less beacuse their fate joins with motherland. She has her nightmares yet she smiles when he calls. She has her cruel fears yet she parys every day. When ever news flashes about someone in uniform attain martyrdom she weeps loudly. She admires him in olive green while she has the pain inside her heart. She remembers the day he called her "mom".

She feels proud to beget a warrior. But she forgets, she herself is a knight whose armour protects her children. The love of a mother can turn even a stone into a soul. Her tears can melt even the death to vanish. Her smile can send aroma to the wind. Her anger can heat even the sun. No exaggeration can capture her pride. No pen can write about her escapades.

But she never wants to welcome her son's coffin. She stands with him in all his decisions but not with this. She doesn't want to have the pride of sacrificing her son yet she knows what her son wants from her. She stands with valour.

Whereas she can't replace his mother but tries to be one when he needs. She gives him the courage to be a lone mother though she wants him to be with her. These mothers who receive their son or husband in their coffin and the mothers who requires to play the role of mother and father in their children's life have no such day to wish them "Happy Mother's Day" as their sons are in the sky as stars.

There is a motherly touch in every man and a fatherly touch in every women. Not all the mothers can afford wishes from their children.

Little less love as the motherland has the whole love.



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