Love Over Whiskey

That night, the moon was high on allure,

But the whiskey glasses outshone every glamour,

As he filled them with love, more than liquor,

The two souls ensconced alongside one another.

Darkness enslaved his heart,

While hers was an abode of fear,

They cheered over drinks, for the first time,

The alcohol had a queer scent that night.

Their lips weren't parched anymore,

And their sickening hearts found the cure,

As they tasted love, its essence,

Their eyes said what words couldn't.

As their stars collided, those of Sagittarius and Aries,

Heaven witnessed an eccentric amalgam,

While their souls took a dive into one another, ending every discrepancy,

That night became an epitome of love over whiskey.

~Kashish Chandra ( Instagram: @chandra__kashish )

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