Me and My Mermaid 

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

Blue sky caresses the virginity of ocean

The Anchor of ship makes scars deeply

The salty water sweats with sweetness

Morning sunrise propels the SHIP

Sight of Apache on board takes off with crush!

Life is smart to live

Along with the storm

Port side and starboard side

After the crosswind

Survival is a tempting technical flow!

Til I met my Mermaid

Clean heart with clear voice

She sings to conjure my soul

Somewhere far she hums

My senses feel with spark

Duty holds me for days!

I am in ocean

My mermaid in seashore

She is waiting for waves or me!

White uniform evokes the blood cells

Wind up with warriors's voice

Toddling with wakes

Form command to control

Monotonous melody hunts the dream!

Out of ship, off from duty

Wander in the shore

The sky showers, she has been there for me

Without noise !

Her eyes speaks her heart

Lies are her beautiful strength

She acts to be away from me

I let her pretend

To know How long.....

Nation calls

Don the boots, with white attire

Desire to console her yet

I can't afford

Wish to hold her hands

Yet I can not deserved

Want to kneel infornt of her

Yet she walks away!

Not being closer

But feeling to be together!

I do even My Mermaid vanishes

One day she will appear as she roams silently for me in the sea shore.


A Sailor

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