Me or Nation? 

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

Yes I know

Nation First!

Yet I ask him the question..

Me or nation?

He smiles..

I chide..

He pinches me!

Inside my heart..

There is a small fear.

His smile doubles it.

I listen his heart beat.

His arm is around me.

I look at his face.

Yet I feel I can't posses him fully..

He pats on my head.

Sun beams fail to pass through us..

I wake up with him.

Silently I pray..

This to continue!!

I stand in front of mirror.

A pride sense scatterers around!

Yes! I am his girl who shares his love!!

Indeed !

I want to ask him the question again..

Me or nation?

The answer which I known well..

Officer's girl

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