My Father is in Heaven!

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

I call him father

The nation remembers him as warrior

My mom feels him as her love

My grandmother feels him as her baby

I see him in frame

I hear people talk about him

I watch news channels falsh a minute story

Indeed! He is my hero!

Who can't come with me for PTA

Who can't buy me chocolate

Who can't play with me

Who can't burst crackers with me

Who can't say me "Papa is here for you"

But when ever I sing National Anthem in school

When ever I cross Olive green

I sense him around me

The presence of National Flag 🇮🇳 is enough to tell me

What he did!

My Father is in Heaven!

Yet he left me his life and love, My Mother, on Earth !!

Dedicated to Major Akshay Girish's little warrior. No word can explain!!

#Writers #Touch

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