On The Edge Of Adulthood

Adulthood time has come to call Childhood time has lost its thrall With no lullaby and good bed times Left with only alarm, reminders and bad times!! Now everything seems shady, But you have the power to recreate the story. Where have you started from - from struggling to stand, to express, and there you are today holding one another to impress.. Teenage wasn't great indeed with lots of tears and struggling years Ready to hide tears and portray laughter's, And happily believed in moronic ever afters!! But being an adult you are not gullible anymore Reaching out .....to explore..

All the mistakes you made in past, All the right ones you lost , just to suffice your heart, Insatiable desires and chimerical imagination Fear guilty under morality frozen sedation. Broken dreams and disappointments With multiple scars and bruised resentments And falling in love, falling apart, falling asleep, falling awake, Falling Falling Falling .. Falling Down in wake;

~ Pranjal Jain.

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