Only With Him.( an unconditional father-daughter relationship)

Be it her bad hair day, or a sleep deprived night.

A manly power makes way, to spring up her dreams to flight.

The sincerity of this power is too hard to gather, yet is sensitively

disguised in a father.

He will do the impossible to fetch her happiness, but the thought of

giving her away would bring him a dark emptiness.

From being cuddled up in his arms, to bringing him laurels with her


She has found her treasure, whom she admires without any measure.

The world may demean her, but he is always there with his core for


When he sees her claiming the skies, he is the one on cloud nine with

swollen eyes.

At times he is nervous, at times his emotions are shelled.

But looking at his jewel so courteous, his head is high held.

Some relations can't be spoken, truly to a father his daughter is his


~ Aastha Mahajan ( Instagram : @unblemished_things )

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