Ripe Rape RIP! 

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

Daughter to a father

Sister to a brother

Friend to a friend

Turns as a dead ash!

I adjust my duppatta to avoid rotten eyes

I look at my back to ignore irrelevant

I touch my neck to characterize myself

I do everything to be safe or to be raped

Touch me to get the pleasure

Then be inside my womb

Amid the blood and nerves of mine

A chunck of a woman becomes beast

The red apple of Adam begets Satan cells yet

I wish to peel my skin and give you

I desire to smell my pain of bearing generation

To let you know the reason of being a girl

I walk with fear

I work with hesitation

I wake with tear

I wipe my virginity with resolution

Flush it with everything

My life sticks between F and S

Luck erases my panic everyday

Tomorrow it may be me...

Younger than me...I doubt you more nowadays

Somewhere someone...

May be tomorrow who knows it can be anyone you know...

What is the solution!

Lock the wombs till the tombs get close

With the Piece Of our Own Flesh

Which tries to eat our own skin!!!

To the real men around me!!

If I am alone... Smile with care

If I am sacred....stand with light

If I want...let me hold your fingers!!


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