She loves my coffin 

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

Well ironed uniform with stars on the shoulders

Polished shoe with penetrable weapon

Comfortable quarters where I enter uncomfortably

Luxurious dining with less time

Planned and unplanned patrols

Unknown blood stories with rescuing duties

Life moves perfectly!!

Until I encounter an angel!!

When the sky drizzles

She carries the droplet on face

Dew on lotus facisnates my veins

Amid the bullet sound she stands as a melody

Unitfull of men to command

Early morning jogging

Sweating strengthens mind

Her face reflects in sunrays

Find her way, walk towards her

Before I utter, she hugs me firmly

"Where you have been?" Her words push me in maze

Yet I don't want to think

I holds her tightly

Her tears wet my uniform

Past pokes into present

The face which was hovered by blood

The hands which held my uniform, said

"I don't want to die"

The eyes which showed me the magnetic aroma

The girl who made me fall in love when she said farewell to life

I shouted at her to get her consciousness

"Tell me your name, look at me"

She disobeyed me

Her closed eyes are my curse

A year before attack on the trekkers in Sonamarg, Kashmir

Where I wept for my minute love which was unknown to me earlier

She smiles, I stare

"You are alive" I hate my words yet it's truth.

My arms around her clutches her strongly

"You shouldnt have done this to me"

I said softly

"I came back to tell you one thing"her lips pronounce

I wonder

"My name is Aarudhra"

I pat on her head. She is my love I think inside

"Captain Sandeep Varma, how long you wish to hold me like this? She pulls my leg

How she knows my name. She unfurls her palm to show me something

My nameplate which she took from my chest that day

"Sandeep Varma" is engraved on that

I put my knees down as I believe in reality

My cute warrior is with me now

"I can't give you promises"

"I don't want any" she speaks

"I can't be with you always"

"But I can be with you ever" she says

"I can't take care of you regularly"

"I know how to do" she breaks my words

"I may come back"

She doesn't speak, her throat swallows the emotion

She puts herself down

"I am ready to be with you

You may take a bullet on your chest

You may come in coffin

You may get medal on chest

Your career is your duty

But you are my love what ever you do where ever you be,

Inside my arms and inside the coffin, you are my love, no one can change it"

When she finishes I give a vow to myself

"Let her receive you after ever goodbye. The lady who even love my coffin"


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