Shera's Love 

Updated: Mar 29, 2020

Dont expect the Shera to be with you in the hunting zone.

You need to stand for yourself by making it as your hobby and habit. But it doesn't meant 'standing alone'. Remember! you have a Pride to be back and a den to dwell. Life is pretty facinating with the paws of lioness. Certainly! You have to carry bravery beyond limits. Experiencing all sorts of deeds without knowing that you are getting shaped to be a warrior.

Love is an illusion which takes cover over everything. Even the lioness can be hunted by a fox. Be steady! Focused! If you are with the Shera! Not love, duty comes first and forever! As an error can perish life!!

The love of a Shera comes with consequences. Ready to live with that. If, loving a Shera is an ultimate task... To be loved by a Shera is an undeniable ecstasy!! Which will ask your skills to pay the bill for his reciprocation.

But the day when your Shera meets you!

You Will come to know why you should fight your battles alone. Beacuse a Shera can't live with a deer! And cant leave his kingdom in the hands of a rabbit. Yet it pains, see the lioness walk with pride in eyes and courage in 💓.

#Queen of a Shera.

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