Updated: Jun 21, 2020

The other day,

Coming back from the walk among the trees and green fields,

I stood beside the thorny bush with colorful wildflowers,

That blocked the entrance to the forest of pine trees.

The great oaks stood still,

Not a rustling of leaf could be heard;

It was its beauty, but that stillness,

That strange stillness,

Full, rich, unnameable…

Stillness was the sole movement

Of the profound loneliness.

The air was pure,

And the graceful enchantment it was endowed with,

Urged me to deepen this experience.

I was filled with ecstasy-

But the silence was absolute.

I have felt silence on another level of intimacy and intensity,

It had a tremendous transformative possibility;

I knew it’s significance.

~ Nida Fatma ( Instagram: @nida.fatima.14 )

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