Silently Loud

Desire of being understood is a dream of everyone. Without words, without tears and without texts, we want to be understood. No matter how beautifully we can handle words, in life at times, we fumble without words as inside deeply our soul is silently aloud to be known.

Not expectation but the truth hurts as we cant afford to expect. Whenever there is a promise is being broken, a part of soul disappears along with it. We all have someone whom we believe to the core of our life, and we wish the person should read the typing of our mind even after everytime the expectation flows into the underground.

When we know the priority changes with situation and time, the heart feels pinches. When we stand in the same place to receive someone back, later we come to know the person has capability to travel far even without us, it crushes our emotions.

The urge of speaking out is always camouflaged by extreme blind love which is brave enough to hurt it's own soul but not the one it considers the most.

But one day when we assume correctly or worngly that we are the who either will be or can be put on hold, the pain pierces through veins. Even the possessiveness withers with tears and jealous dwells without being expressed.

Though, again and again we follow the same path as throns are the comfortable pain more than petals in the journey of being with the one we admire and love silently loud.

The worst part is pretending to be fine, when we are badly broken. The terrible flaw is acting to be normal when we want to shout we are hurt. But the soul is selfish, it cant harm the one it wants to see happy always so it asks us to be fine even after every unexplained confessions. And everyday the hope of being understood, gives floor to walk on. Though we know, the day is far from the point we stand. Sometimes we quiver to run away from everything we committed, but again the fear of hurting the one we want to protect keep us moving with wounds. Every morning along with sun, we rise up to know 'is this the day I will be understood without words.'

It's difficult to comprehend the feeling of keeping one as all your priority but you stand in the line, then nothing can explain except the expression of eyes. Mind is perplexed with all the theories though it strongly believes the fansty that a day would come when you would get the chance to have words for yourself. Sometimes, the more we love, most we expect in return. Even anger and sadness become part of th love which cant be understood.

Not the broken promises, but the refusal to feel tears the soul into pieces. Not time, not gifts, not presence, not valuable, all it expects is to be understood. All it wants is to be known. Whenever the question pops out, why always I should understand not cant be understood, we fold everything again by thinking it's the last time of doing so.

Instead of an unknown melody, the soul wants to be heard. Instead of an unexpressed emotion, it wishes to be expressed. Instead of a silent hidden part, it laments to be a visible part of life. It's better to be loved than to love, so sometimes even we want to be loved from only loving. But again, it's a desire of being understood which is a high cost luxury in life.

Even waiting has validity, let us embrace the soul which loves us before it expires.

Many times I am fine means I want to be fine.

Its okay means I expect you to understand it hurts.

Nothing means there is something to say.

Be happy means I want you to make me happy.

Love needs to be reciprocated. Care needs to be returned.

#Writer_Touch I feel I couldn't justify the emotion I needed to pen down, as comprehending the subtle nuances of being understood is not a cake bite to have. Hope the one who have time to understand, he or she will comprehend. #consider_the_one_who_considers_you_as always we have the habit of not appreciating the one or thing which stick with us.

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