The Human Library Project

Updated: May 31, 2019

Writing is which I always wanted to do. But. it is hard for me to stick to a passion. It's like the more I write, the more I get motivated. But, there lies the problem. I get distracted. Very much. I mean once I will be drawing something and then suddenly I want to learn how to play a piano. I want to try everything in life...I mean everything.... I have tried a lot of different sports like cricket, hockey, football, volleyball and then I finally settled down with hockey. This process took me around three years to settle down with a sport. I also spent a huge amount of time practicing chess. Anyway what I wanted to tell you is that I got myself into a situation. My problem is that I hate people. All of them. No exception. Given my experience with everyone in this unfortunate disintegrating world both physically and socially, its no wonder that I hate everybody. I wanted to go to a human library. They say that its filled with people of different types and we get to learn from them their experiences, and their view on life and the world. I hate sharing water bottle with people. I hate customary handshakes and hugs...eww...disgusting humans. I wish I were the only person in this world so that I can have the entire world for myself. And I almost forgot. The situation I got myself into. My life is in danger and I can't do anything about it now. I have no other choice but to accept my fate and surrender myself to the destiny. Let's keep it short and simple. I hate humans and now I visited a place filled with all types of different people. I still wonder if they have a person of my kind. Well, its not possible because I am one of a kind. I did have a girlfriend, and man yes, I loved her. A lot, more than any filthy human can ever imagine in his entire fruitless life. No...that was in my imagination. Sigh.. I think I got deviated again. Blood was pouring out as soon as I slit his throat. The feeling of blood spilling and the smell of death. I didn't stop there. I forced my dagger into her stomach, the pungent smell of the filthy socialistic animal was soothing my soul. I wish that I had the time to kill all of them in that 'library'. But I was surrounded by the guards before that. The hell with that, even the guards are humans...let me kill one of them too. As I advanced towards one of them, I heard gunshots and the next thing I know was I was down, not able to move my body an inch. I am dying and I can't run. I have to accept my fate. The idiots who were surrounding me where enjoying my painful death. I guess after all they are also like me. Filthy humans.... does that mean that I am like them too? Is everyone the same. "It's true that all types of people are present here after all", said an idiot not knowing the fact that all of us have all of us in us. 

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