The Last Time I Saw You.

When I saw you for the last time

everything was typical as usual.  When I saw you for the last time

every beat of mine was thrumming the same

 like it does each time 

I feel your touch . 

Your glittering pair met with mine, 

fingers tangled around, 

we stood there inhaling 

every bit of nature witnessing us. 

Behind the fog of future 

was the game of life. 

We were among the unknown beings, 

who didn't know that was our last union, 

moved out just with a hug and a word of bye. 

A twist in time, 

our stars changing their line, 

the knot that was meant to be forever

now a half is in the miles away sky, 

screaming with its light

and the completing half in the lap of mother earth. 

Englighten face of once is now carrying tears of loss, 

adjusting the best angle with its better half 

uttering no complains of pain to the heavanly soul of all, 

just narrating something unsaid 

not in lack of words 

but no word is enough to portray the emptiness of my world.

The day i saw for the last time 

everything was typical as unsual

and my heart still thrumming the way it does 

feeling your soul all around. 

~Ruprekha Buragohain

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