The loneliness of the starry night

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

I've been carrying it all,

The weight of the broken hearts,

Trying to mend them or at least tell them the sky still shines with stars.

The pain of friends left apart,

With those bruises and scars. 

The misery of the denied love from parents,

Or sometimes, the child who refused to accept the good of the summer flowers. 

The sobs of midnight, the pain hidden behind those laughs. 

The strongest getting on their knees, the ignorant pretending to be wise. 

Lover searching for his lost love, and the one struggling to mend it with another's piece of heart. 

The loneliness of the starry night, the emptiness you feel in a room filled with beings and 

Trying to figure out "who we are?"

Finding an escape, but from what? 

I've seen the demons they fight,

Some say it through words, some through their smiles.

~Smriti Jain( Instagram: @smritii_jain )

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