The Miracle

{By Shruti Agarwal }

The gloomy dusk hushed by my side,

You saw us with eyes open wide,

Miracle saved her was what they stated,

Embracing the moment which was much awaited,

Love prevailed our sleepless nights,

The darkness started dating the lights,

Transformation in your love began to arise,

Ignorant, my existence will be traded as a price,

Eyes were sobbing, heart was bawling,

My life started vaguely hauling,

My soul craves for your hug,

Glittered eyes scavenging for the lost love,

 Confinement lies beneath motherly care

Under the moonlight, let us please just sit and share?

You are the nightingale to my lullaby,

Empower your daughter to have a great fly,

The stars will be scarce to define my affection for you,

Promise to love me without gifting any other woe,

We will certainly dance in the next rain,

But mother, will you come home once again?

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