The night is young, my love

{By Madhura Thangan }

Come out with me,

hold my hand, and step into the night

feel the sand beneath your bare legs

we'll dance under the stars

and skinny-dip on a winter's night

and when you'll feel the cold breeze on your naked body,

it'll heat you up from the inside

even the moon will catch fire sweety

by the passion burning in your heart.

Let your hair down once,

and feel them fly wildly.

For darling, it's been ages

since you've unburdened your shoulders.

For once, let them feel the magic of the dark,

let them dance rhythmically

with the waves of the ocean.

For once, leave your dreams behind,

and just let yourself float away,

and drown in the desires of your heart.

The night is young my love,

don't let your old soul taint it

with the thoughts of sense.

For once, be shameless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.

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