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Updated: Jun 4, 2020

The purpose of life is to be a warrior in the land against demons? The aim of birth is to be a priest in the terrain of shepherds? The desire of survival is to be a saint in the field of common? The aspiration of soul is to be a poet in the kingdom?

Ask the answer. None will get. When the world has sweet beads on its forehead, Cupid launches the arrow. When the universe suffocates, Orpheus' struggle gives hope to lighten.

If love is myth, taste the thrill. If love is illusion, get caged in the Maya. If love is fantasy, be the magic. If love is tale, be a plot, If love is lust, become a difference, If love is infatuation, behave silent. If love is real, unanswered. Except experience, words express nothing. Love has the nuances of escaping even from the poet's pen. It can disguise as demon. It can hide behind false. It can vanish with fragrance of flowers. It can fall as raindrop. It can have scars like a soldier in battle. It can get killed as a goat in the slaughter house. But it has the miracle of raising from the tiny leftover fresher than ever, stronger than never.

Epics describe the quality, poems sing the pleasure, prose talk the structure and theories explain the formula of love. But each and every living organism has its and their story. So billions of millions. Even the sky has no place to pen down.

Love can't have sad ending because love doesn't have ending. Pleasure and pain tangle with each other. Separating them is like erase the black from the night.

Love needs no medium to be communicated. It never seek presence whereas it listens the beat of heart even from miles away. It senses the heat of mind even from continents far. There are sayings, love carves salve out of a warrior, love makes coward from a man. Real love demands much, being as you are. It won't send a hero or heroine to the life circle. It will send a person who can make you aggressively passionate towards yourself. Love teaches to love oneself first.

Loves comes with admiration, grows with respect and lives with acceptance. Love is not a crime but it is a flaw with favour. Love is born when the embryo speaks to its mother. If it pictured as need, then the world would became a grave yard by the time it started evolving. Being in love is, can be loyal to the one in life through highs and lows. Being in love is, can get the shoulders to rely on. Having love is, trusting one with all the means beyond description.

Lord Shiva gave His half to His love. His wrath was about to perish everything. He could live alone. Love of Parvathi showed him the power of Yoga. He got fulfilled by Her. He was the same 'the core of the world'.He lost nothing in His health, wealth, power or anything when Parvathi burned herself in Pyre. But he felt he lost himself. He felt, she was holding him as he was.

If love manipulates, give your head, you will get nice hairstyle with life too.

Radha and Krishna's love lives through eras. The pleasure of pain. When situation pushed, Krishna left Her hands not the Love on her. How long one needs to forget the love? If it is love, then forget the thought of forgetting as it becomes you.

As mentioned earlier, stories have different scenes on love but the truth is one, Love strengthens life. Sometimes by breaking into pieces and sometimes by binding together. But the result is Reality.

Can write pages of pages, but even the greatest poets and authors couldn't compromise the description of love so #Writer_Touch ,

better to stop here as sometimes unwritten words are well explained. 💓

Now guess? The purpose of life is ......

Dedicated to my Co-authors, the one who likes to read this genre, and the one who doesn't believe in love. They are the reason which provoked me to write.😁 But my source is different 😉.

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