Updated: Apr 19, 2020

It was midnight in the hills of Mirawa; Darkness has surrounded the whole place; Black it was that, was there not a need to keep your eyes shut; Not a soul wanted to be awake at this time; But a baby girl thought otherwise; She started whining and crying, for something was making her; Her cry woke the father; Clenched his hands did he, prayed for her to stop; "Get her the hell out of here you swine", said a man with a mustache like a fern; Who was one of the tens of people who stay in the tavern; It took not so long for the others to decide together To chase the father and daughter Scared was the father Running with his daughter The duo awakened all the sleepers One after another who kept on chasing them away Darkness was scaring her The lamps fired by the people couldn't fight off the darkness their soul contained For the baby has a gift to see it The more they are awake, the more darker it got "Just wait till the dawn", said the father to himself He kept running with her through the woods, across the dry river, below the valley Then came down the hill, crossing the fields Waking through the woods, scaring the birds, chasing the beavers The dawn has arrived, yet she refuses to stop She kept on crying, her moist eyes now began their attempt to irrigate the long lost feelings of her dad He looked at his hand, drops of tears were rolling down "The Rainbow!", he shouted. "Yes, I have to find a rainbow, in which the Gods ride to console the crying sky Everyone laughed at him, for there was no rain in Mirawa for a hundred years let alone the visit of a rainbow Did not he listen to anyone, but started climbing the mountain with the weeping girl behind him "The man with the weeping devil", soon the name began to spread everywhere, farther than her voice could ever reach Days passed, weeks passed, months passed but she didn't stop crying and he didn't stop searching People chased them everywhere He became skinny, his complexion darkened Her voice became louder but weaker day by day. It was all dark for her, no matter whether it's day or night No single soul felt bad for them and all are so dark from inside He reached the cliff of Mirawa There was no place to go anymore He began to cry He began to realise how he failed as a father, as a husband to his late wife, as a son to his mother Slowly as he started realising his mistakes, the darkness that prevailed above him began to lift off away farther and farther The child was now able to see Not just the colours of the world but the colourful emotions of her dad Yes, he has become her dad, not just father. The emotions of love and fatherhood added upto the five emotions She was able to see the rainbow of emotions in his face She giggled, the earth thundered Heavy rain poured over the earth, filled the rivers, A rainbow formed in the sky. Reflected over the river water, colours were splashed over everyone and the world became colourful again Filled with colourful emotions

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