My twinkling toes, had found new companions, The dark shaded guys moving in perfect unison,

Rumbling on their bellies, dancing the only cliché performance,

I mingle my steps into their awkwardness,

We soon find each other into a complete madness..

They trade  me, with a strange smile on each visit,

A simple dimple on my cheek, they ask me as a solicit,

How egregious is it, to find the smile breaking,

On watching them fade away, without the trade accomplishing,

They grow, beyond the measuring scales,

Cuddle with shy into almost nothingness,

They stand schizoid, even as I am elated

Don't even console me, even as I am depressed....

Like  ripples of agitation on calm water,

They distort me form my work, making it tougher,

Despite, I have fallen in love with these trade makers,

Their voyages, over the scattering rays, like spots on a paper,

Can't they stay with me forever, at least as a neighbor????

But they fear the dark, despite being black

Perhaps they liked the darker suit, taut and slack,

Soon they leave scurrily, scuttling through the receding beams of light,

Giving me hope, for another round of merchandise,

I wait here again for the smile over the price

After all, they are merchants, my toe's very own shadow guys .......


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