The Soul Sun 

Not a decade quiver

Not the end of an era

Not a sacred story

Not a sole deal

Yet a subtle sense lies on ......

LOVE of a DEW on the SUN

The rays evoke the ecstasy

The brightness lits up the days

The colour brings bliss

The rise surpass the small heart

Dew imagines the image

Sun rises for visiting it

It sets to sing lullaby

Dream is curel than reality

When it breaks life begins

Dew winks at the paddy field

Wets the atmosphere to welcome the Sun

The reflection becomes reciprocation

Dew wishes to wisper

A tiny voice with loud heart

Shouts at the Sun

Confesses the supreme emotion

Dew waits for answer

Dusk comes... Dark disappears

Dawn blooms... Dew stares at the sky!

Days! Weeks! Months! Years! Centuries!

It's still the...unanswered melody

Not yet !

Paddy field laughs at the dew

It says with smile

I know the Sun doesn't belong to me

But the Sun knows

Always I belong only to Him.


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